Voyageur College Prep High School

Voyageur Students: College Ready. College Bound.
Quality Education

Each student receives a high quality education through a rigorous curriculum, utilizing the Curriculum Crafter tool and following the Kent County Curriculum for the four core subject areas: English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. This is supplemented by instruction in art in the elementary, foreign language in the high school, and gym in all the elementary and high school sites.

The curriculum is fully aligned with state standards and benchmarks. Instructional coaches work closely with the teachers to ensure quality and adherence to state standards. The school also assesses its curriculum through state and local standardized tests. Additional methods of ensuring compliance with outlining curriculum standards include lesson plan monitoring, classroom visits, walk-throughs, observations and feedback.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum via an updated instructional computer lab and computer technology in every classroom. SmartBoards are fully operational and utilized in every classroom, both at the elementary and high school site. Kaplan testing program is integrated in to grades 10 and 11 core subjects for standard test preparation of the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) and the ACT.