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Hope of Detroit Academy High School has been identified for school improvement for 2011-12.

The No Child Left Behind Act allows you to transfer your child to another school in our district that has not been identified for school improvement. However, since we have only one school in our district, we have no internal options for you. Instead, we have listed several nearby schools that may be transfer options for you. If the school that you select does not provide transportation to and from school, Hope of Detroit Academy High School will provide transportation for your child to attend that school. Parents do not have to transfer their child, but may do so if they wish.

For the 2010-11 school year, for Hope of Detroit High School students only, there were 42 free tutoring slots available and 0 students participated in the program. 33 students were eligible to transfer to another school. No students transferred to anther school.

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For more information on school of choice or free tutoring, see the school's office manager or the Michigan Department of Education.